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Obesity and Pilates – How It can Help Your Body

Obesity is caused by consuming high amounts of calories. And without any doubt, It is linked to poor diet habits. Therefore, it can cause a bunch of other dangerous diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and arthritis.

Follow the information we share below and understand how the method can help you to get rid of obesity.

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Obesity and Pilates

It is extremely common for people with obesity to complain of pain, particularly in joint knees that support huge weight. Besides, some postural changes also affect the spine.

Obese people need to make an additional effort to do physical workouts. Pilates Studio has become great for obsessed people. As the method does not impact the knee joints, on the other hand, the method prepares the body and eases pain.

It makes sure that the practitioner feels small discomfort throughout the implementation and radically decreases the risk of major injuries.

The workouts at Pilates NYC have a huge range and can be done slowly. The technique adapts to the particularities of every candidate, settling the fat and repetitions of every workout.

They’re usually performed on the mat. You can do it with an elastic band, ball, and body weight itself. As you develop in the Pilates class free, the workouts become advanced, forever respecting the strength and capacity of each one.

Also, through stretching, breathing, and muscle strengthening methods; our Pilates studio in Brooklyn can bring advantages that are perceived from the 1st weeks, such as:

  • Joint stability
  • Stiffing of the muscles
  • Reduce bad cholesterol & triglycerides
  • Prevent you injuries from bad posture
  • Combating depression
  • Improved mobility and flexibility for daily activities
  • Stimulation of social integration
  • Improved life quality

However, Pilates classes at Pilates Reform Studio is not high-impact & intense activity. Our Pilates classes have a great caloric expenditure, contributing to fat loss, Fitness 11235, and reduce localized fat, besides elevating body conditioning and creating better well-being.

In fact, the initial results and well-being make can make you motivated and continue with the Pilates Reformer classes. It also increases self-esteem and the wish to take care of your body. It leads to a healthier and lighter life.

Don’t waste your time!!!

If you want to change some habits and improve your well-being, come to Pilates studio in Sheepshead Bay. Our Pilates NYC is prepared to serve all people and body types.

Do not forget that obesity needs proper treatment so that future issues can be avoided easily. Join us at LuxPilates and take the 1st step to throw away obesity.


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